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The Lily & Violet Vintage caravans will certainly set you apart from the crowd.  Like the clothes, the caravans have been hand-picked for style and each one is beautifully furnished to be fabulous! 


Lily & Violet Vintage caravans typically hail from the 1960s and 1970s (although on occasion you may find a little 1950s gem among their fleet).  Each caravan is given a new lease of life and a stunning new interior, without losing any of their vintage charm. 


Of course, every Lily & Violet Vintage caravan has a name.  These lovely old caravans deserve all the attention we can give them and their individual personalities shine through. Of course, their names reflect this and nine times out of ten dictate the colour scheme, both inside and out.


Each caravan is given an individual makeover based on the state it was in when it was rescued. Some of the caravans are over 50 years old and need a serious amount of tender love and care to bring them up to the fabulous standard you would expect of a Lily & Violet Vintage caravan.  


All caravans come fully equipped with electrical hook up. Some will also have gas fitted.  Both the gas and electric provision will be certificated or inspection reports given by a qualified tradesman.  All Lily & Violet Vintage Caravans come with 240v electricity as standard. However, we have 2 bolt on packages that we offer should you require conversion to 12v. Please contact us for details of this and we would be happy to talk through the options to find the right one for you.


The interiors of the caravans vary dramatically but one thing that they all have in common is that their fabrics and foam comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988.  All of the foam used in our caravans is new as is the fabric used for the seats, beds and any scatter cushions.


Lily & Violet Vintage caravans use only best quality fabrics, wallpapers and paints such as, Designer’s Guild, Little Greene, Harlequin, Colefax and Fowler to name but a few.


Every caravan is made for touring, but it is likely that not every caravan will travel far.  After all, why use them only a couple of times a year, when you could enjoy them every day? What will you use yours for?


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